QR Codes +1

Since the last post about those nifty little QR codes was so awesome, I thought I’d add one more: creating QR codes using the goo.gl URL shortener, automatically. Hang on a sec, before you hyperventilate, it is possible.

If you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s a browser extension called goo.gl URL Shortener that will reach out to Google’s URL shortener API to create a short URL for you on the fly. Sadly, I don’t think the web interface for goo.gl is available otherwise. Once you have a goo.gl short URL, all you have to do to get the corresponding QR code for that URL is add .qr to the end of it, like so:

http://goo.gl/EFj6 becomes http://goo.gl/EFj6.qr

When wrapped in image tags, it looks like this:

QR code for eison.net

And here’s the HTML:

<img src="http://goo.gl/EFj6.qr" alt="QR code for eison.net" />

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